GUANBANA The soursop (Annonna muricata), is a small evergreen tree native to the Amazon rainforest and other tropical areas of the Americas. It has a long history of application in ancient herbal remedies and treatments, in which its leaves, stem, root, bark and seeds are used. Since ancient times it has been known that soursop is rich in vitamins and minerals that contribute to the well-being of health.

Natural recipes are increasingly popular for the care of our hair, it is not just a fad, this boom has been due to all the benefits they have to provide us with organic ingredients. Not only plants are rich in nutrients, vegetables such as red onion or fruits such as soursop have high doses of vitamins and minerals to contribute to our hair.

The use of soursop for hair, little by little, has been gaining greater fame, this fruit has many properties that are used for natural remedies, its attributes help our health in different ways, but it is also ideal to give it vitality and shine to the hair, being an ally against hair loss and a restorative ingredient.


Benefits of Guanabana for hair

  • The antioxidant content of soursop makes it ideal for stopping and reversing the signs of hair aging. It also helps fight and prevent oxidation that affects hair follicles and the well-being of the scalp.
  • Improves the blood circulation of the scalp, promoting healthier hair follicles that stimulate hair growth.
  • Its high content of vitamins B1, B2, magnesium, help to improve the body’s energy levels, reducing tiredness and fatigue.
  • The vitamin B1, C and zinc contained in soursop strengthen the immune system to help it fight disease.
  • Soursop also promotes cell regeneration and also helps improve the absorption of nutrients from the digestive system.
    Health benefits.
  • Soursop not only contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals, its stem, bark and leaves are also rich in antioxidants that help the body fight free radical damage to cells.

Soursop qualities for hair

Originally from South America, it has a unique appearance of the tropics, on the outside it is green and has small non-sharp tips, its interior is a white pulp and black seeds. This fruit has medicinal characteristics, it has been studied much more exhaustively in recent years, studies from which it has been obtained that its characteristics can help in the fight against cancer.

Not enough with its great contribution to health, the soursop has many qualities to contribute to the vitality of our hair, since to have a radiant and strong hair, it is necessary that it be healthy. Starting from its antiseptic capacity, this fruit can prevent the appearance of fungi on our skin and hair, in addition to protecting them from external agents that can be harmful, such as CO2 or radiation.

In addition to its antibacterial quality, soursop provides hair with a variety of nutrients:

  • Minerals such as: calcium, potassium.
  • Vitamins: A, B and C.
  • Has simsimi, acetogenin, squamosin

Advantages of soursop on hair

There is no doubt that this fruit is rich in nutrients, our hair requires large doses of these to look shiny and strong. Many times we neglect the care of our hair or the constant application of hair treatments end up having side effects on their vitality. Although exposure to the sun, pollution or humidity mistreat our hair, a large part of the responsibility for the damage lies with us, to revitalize and take care of it, we can go to the virtuous soursop, because:

  • Hydrates
    Healthy hair is hydrated hair, what you need most is to have nutrients that provide vitality, not only to the strands but to the scalp. The damage of poor care or external factors has an effect on the skin, causing it to become irritated or flaked, the soursop provides its properties to take care of the hair leather, in addition, it allows the cuticle of the strands to remain vitalized, absorbing and sealing these nutrients to leave hair dry.
  • Strengthens.
    Abusing the scalp not only dries out hair, it makes it brittle and prone to hair loss. The minerals of the guanaba contribute their attributes to obtain a stronger mane, from the roots to the ends.
  • Full of shine
    Hydration is key to having healthy hair, but it is also what allows us to look radiant hair. By being able to contain the nutrients within the hair cuticle, the hair will obtain greater shine and silkiness.
  • Protects
    The antiseptic properties of soursop are a protective barrier, however, it has simsimi, acetogenin and squamosin components that provide their benefits to maintain healthy hair, avoiding the presence of external agents that may threaten its condition.

La guanábana contra la caída del cabello

Las propiedades de la guanábana son tan maravillosas que su acción penetrante es efectiva y permite nutrir los folículos pilosos y las raíces capilares. Contar con un cabello saludable desde su nacimiento hace que este crezca y permanezca fuerte, evitando así la caída del cabello.

La guanábana para estimular el crecimiento del cabello

La rapidez con cual crece el cabello depende de la vitalidad de los folículos pilosos, como hemos mencionado, la guanábana tiene grandes efectos en ellos, esto también hace que se estimule la circulación sanguínea que permite un mejor y rápido crecimiento, además, el cabello crece más firme y grueso.

Elimina la caspa con la guanábana

La presencia de caspa habla de la vitalidad de nuestro cabello y cuero cabelludo, aunque los productos anticaspa sean muy comunes en el mercado, las propiedades antisépticas y astringentes son efectivas en la eliminación de esta. No solo las erradica estas células muertas que pueden traer consecuencias en la piel y el cabello, su acción permite tener una barrera de protección y cuidado sobre el cuero cabelludo.

Cuida del pelo graso con la guanábana

Tener le pelo graso no solo es poco estético, el exceso de sebo en el cabello puede causar irritación del cuero cabelludo, debilitar las hebras y, sí, causar la aparición de caspa. Como bien mencionamos, la guanábana es un aliado en la batalla contra la caspa, pero, además, esta fruta brinda sus cualidades para tener un balance de aceites naturales, a diferencia de los shampoos convencionales, su trato es gentil con el cabello y la piel, elimina y evita el exceso de sebo.

La guanábana en el cabello, mata piojos natural.

Seguramente alguna vez en nuestras vidas hemos tenido la presencia de estos parásitos capilares, o hemos creído tenerlos, cual sea el caso, la guanábana puede ayudarlo a eliminarlo o evitar su presencia, gracias a sus cualidades antisépticas y astringentes es un aliado natural para combatir los piojos, además de erradicarlos, cuidará del cabello y piel.

Uso de la guanábana en el cabello

De esta bondadosa fruta se aprovechan sus hojas para crear recetas medicinales, pero también son usadas para la creación de tratamientos caseros o productos de origen natural para el cuidado de nuestro cabello.

Para el cuidado de nuestro cabello es importante contar con los mejores productos, entre ellos debemos incluir el shampoo sin sal, debido que los componentes químicos de los convencionales maltratan nuestro cabello y cuero cabelludo. Si le sumamos que contenga como ingrediente la guanábana o aplicamos mascarillas de esta fruta, le estaremos dando las mejores atenciones a nuestra melena.

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